How Would You Choose The Right Table For Your Special Day?

choose the right table for your special day

Rental Tables are available in many shapes and sizes.  The two most common are round tables and banquet tables, but there are also square, ½ round, conference and serpentine options available as well.  Shapes and large tables can be created by combining several different tables.

Some aspects to consider when choosing which tables to rent for your event are:  the size of your event space, the layout, the theme or look, how many guests you would like at each table, will all guests be seated at once, etc.

Round tables provide an easier layout for guests to see and talk to one another. However they typically take up more space than banquets. The standard sizes for round table rentals are 4-foot, 5- foot, and 6-foot and they seat from 6 to 10 guest s comfortably depending on size.

Banquet tables are another popular choice.  Standard sizes are 4-foot, 6-foot and 8-foot and again seat 6 to 10 guest comfortably.  These tables can be set up individually or put together to create long tables.

For a smaller more intimate gathering, you may even want to consider using round cocktail tables that can be set-up at standard height or bar height and are available in 24”, 30” and 36” options.

The more contemporary layout these days is using a combination of all the table sizes. Some examples would be using high and lowboys for the bar area, banquet tables for food or maybe a kings table, round and or square for seating. This is a creative way to incorporate all the sizes to give a very modern look and feel to the space.

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