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We can bring the magic to your event

You probably have an idea in your head of what you want your event to look like. You can smell food already. You know what kind of music is playing, and you probably know what the lighting looks like without ever realizing it. 

Maybe you’ve planned a few events in the past. If so, you know how hard it is. If this is your first event, maybe you don’t know where to begin. 

There are so many tasks involved with events. It’s hard to keep up. Details slip through the cracks, activities don’t stay on schedule, and maybe you go over the budget just a little. 

Planning an event isn’t easy. 

But it doesn’t have to be discouraging either. 

We take the event in your head and turn it into a real event with our event planning expertise and resources.

We help you:

  • Turn your vision into reality
  • Make decisions with industry expertise
  • Set the mood and decor
  • Take care of all the details
  • Get organized
  • Have peace of mind 
  • Have fun!

At Current Event Rentals, our customers are real people with real problems that need to be solved. Our party planning staff and event professionals want to be there with you every step of the way.

Why Lighting And Power Is Important 

Lighting and electrical power are the heartbeats of any event. 

Lighting gives depth to your event space and sets the mood throughout the evening. The right light ties together the event under the right conditions. 

No matter their size, all events need great lighting and electrical power. 

That’s where we come in. 

The best lighting sparks emotion in everyone. We focus on the four main elements of light:

  • Illumination
  • Mood 
  • Focus
  • Composition

These elements tie together to create the event you want to share with everyone else. 

Selecting the right light is crucial. But remember, you’re not alone. Our staff is here with you from the time you start planning to the day of the event. 

We offer many lights to suit your event needs, from concerts and weddings to presentations and birthdays. We ask you what your vision and your goals are to provide the best lights. 

And if you already know what you want, no problem. Our booking process is simple and easy. 

Ready to see what we offer?

String Lights

Want to impress your guests? String lights are a small touch that makes a big impact. Your guests will forget they’re outside. 

Shape your event to however you want. The options are endless! Create a zigzag pattern, a box shape, or just go crazy with the design.

Is your event for a whole weekend? How about an entire month? No problem! Our string lights are available at affordable prices to meet your party needs. 

If your party is outside, don’t worry. Our string lights are long-lasting and won’t burn out. 

Park Lights

If string lights aren’t your thing, try another outdoor option- park lights. Our sleek, 4-globe industrial-style lights illuminate the path while adding a classic touch to your party. 

At 6.5 feet tall, our park lights are just the right height for any sized party. Enchant your guests for one night, week, or month!

Tent Lights

Have a tent that needs some light? We’ve got you covered. Our LED tent lights are perfect for any tent or canopy. They’re easy to set up, functional, and give you just the right amount of light. 

LED Cube Lights 

Rent our LED cube lights at your next concert. Our 60W lights will give you the unforgettable show you want with over 16.7 million kinds of color changes! 

If that’s not enough- and it never is!- use the color strobe and color dimmer to really pack a punch. 

We understand that it gets hot on stage. LED lights can help with less heat output and substantial energy efficiency. 

Stage Lights

We know that stage productions have a story to tell. Professional lighting is key to a fabulous concert or presentation. LED cube lights are cool for a unique lighting experience. But people need to see what’s happening on stage too. 

Our medium-sized, 4 Jr. spotlight is perfect for bringing your audience’s attention to the correct location. 

Dome Lights

If your space has high ceilings, count on our dome lights to provide adequate light for your event. Dome lights highlight a specific area rather than dimly lighting an ample space. Our lights create powerful light at a long-range distance. 

Set the mood at your event with our compelling dome lights!

Electrical Rentals in Las Vegas

We know that electrical power is crucial for any event. We also know that it can be confusing and time-consuming. A power outage can happen at any moment, which will ruin your event. We don’t want that for you!

Our electrical sources make powering an event hassle-free with our 3500W and 7000W generators. The best part? Our generators are quiet, so there are no obnoxious noises. 

In any event, you need extra cables, and we have those too. We have everything you need to power your event for a painless party. 

How Our Prices Compare

Our rental rates may not be the cheapest. But with most of our items, you already have built-in installation and tear-down rates. 

Not many people consider these fees when shopping for rentals, so we try to include them upfront. That way, you don’t have to worry about any last-minute fees. 

Why We Do What We Do 

In 2011, we saw a need for customer-focused service in the event industry and wanted to be that change. We haven’t looked back since!

We decided to take some of the stress away by offering various party products from fine China and linens to chairs and crowd control. We want to be a one-stop-shop for all your event-planning needs.

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