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Las Vegas A/V Event Rentals

Renting A/V equipment is a crucial but often overlooked part of planning an event. You don’t want your attendees losing interest because one of the speakers struggled to get the audio-visual equipment to work properly.

Fortunately, you can prevent this situation by working with the right Las Vegas event rental company.

Many events need to use A/V equipment, like microphones and speakers, but renting for your event is typically more cost-efficient than buying for specialized needs and infrequent use.

When and Why to Rent A/V Equipment for Your Event

From large-scale corporate events to smaller, more casual gatherings, hA/Ving the right A/V equipment is essential.

Here’s what you get when you rent your event’s A/V equipment from us at Current Event Rentals:

  1. Specialized solutions—most events require a similar A/V setup, but it’s not practical for most organizations to purchase this equipment for one-time or infrequent use. And using the A/V products you already hA/Ve A/Vailable isn’t the best solution either; they likely are not up to the job. That’s where A/V equipment rentals come in so that you can get the setup you need for your Las Vegas event without massive upfront costs.
  1. Cost savings—purchasing A/V equipment isn’t just expensive for the initial purchase, but you also have to think about repairs, storage, and maintenance costs. If you only use the A/V products for infrequent events, those costs usually outweigh the benefits of owning your own equipment. Renting A/V solutions for your Las Vegas event can eliminate those ongoing costs.
  1. Technical troubleshooting—when you rent A/V equipment from us, you also get access to our A/V equipment experts. You won’t have to worry about microphones hA/Ving issues in the middle of your speaker’s keynote address or crackly, fuzzy audio.
  1. Well-maintained equipment—as a premier Las Vegas rental company, maintaining our reputation and staying competitive are crucial aspects of our business. That means our A/V rental equipment is kept in excellent condition and well-maintained. When renting, you get to use the best, newest A/V technologies without worrying about the costs associated with updating, replacing, and overhauling the equipment.
  1. Professional installation—we can also expertly install the A/V equipment at your Las Vegas event site. If you choose our installation, you’ll save the time and effort it takes to set everything up and rest easy, knowing that your equipment will work perfectly throughout your event.

The A/V Equipment You Need For Your Las Vegas Event

Use this simple A/V rental checklist to ensure you hA/Ve the equipment you need for your Las Vegas event:

A Mixer

If you’re going to hA/Ve more than a single microphone in the same room, you’ll need to rent an A/V mixer to balance the sound, adjust the volume levels, and control any feedback.

Mixers are electronic consoles that combine and manipulate audio signals before they reach your speakers. It’s crucial for your A/V team to know how many speakers will require microphones. You’ll also need to ensure that your mixer has sufficient channels to handle the number of microphones you need.

At Current Event Rentals, we carry the Mackie 1202-VLZ Pro mixer to meet all of your event needs.

Mackie 1202-VLZ Pro Mixer

We rent out this Mackie mixer for all of our Las Vegas events for a good reason: it’s easy to operate and produces exceptional results. It ensures no flat responses and very little distortion even at high operating levels. It’s the perfect mixer for any event, from keynote speaking to live performances.


Microphones are obviously a crucial piece of A/V equipment for any event. You need your attendees to hear you, any guest speakers, and any performers clearly.

If you don’t know much about audio-visual equipment, choosing the right microphone can be tough. But we make the decision easy for you by renting out the single best microphone for any use.

Shure SM58 Microphone

If you’ve ever been to an event with live speakers or performers, there’s a good chance they were using the Shure SM58 microphone. It has an excellent reputation among speakers and musicians and is durable, affordable, and reliable. There’s very little that this microphone can’t do.

Its rugged construction is perfect for event use; you can throw or drop it without doing any damage (however, we don’t recommend testing that out). This microphone also reduces background noise and requires little effort to find the best placement. And with its vocal-emphasized frequency response, every one of your attendees will hear every word clearly.


Having the best mixer and microphone doesn’t mean much without the right speakers. To ensure the best audio quality at your Las Vegas event, we carry the best A/V rental speakers A/Vailable.

QSC Powered Speakers

With our QSC rental speakers, you get everything you need to get up and running quickly for your event. Operating these speakers is simple, thanks to their useful factory presets. And you can adjust the parameters as much as you want to create custom configurations easily. From stage and vocal monitors to instrument amplifiers and bass-thumping dance music, your attendees will not be disappointed.

A/V Event Rental Accessories

We also carry the A/V Event rental accessories that you’ll need for your Las Vegas event. These accessories include:

  • Bullhorns and megaphones to get your attendees’ attention from anywhere
  • Standing and desk microphone stands to ensure your speakers are comfortable
  • Audio cables to ensure that you get the best audio quality from your microphones

Get Your A/V Essentials From Current Event Rentals

At Current Event Rentals, we’ve provided the best A/V rentals and more for events all over the Las Vegas area since 2011. We offer any rentals you might need for any event with 24/7 service to give you peace of mind and ensure your event goes off without a hitch.

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