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Top-Quality Event Accessories to Enhance Your Next Las Vegas Event

Many elements go into planning a fun and successful event, from choosing an appropriate venue and finding the perfect caterer to selecting your preferred decore and much more. Thankfully, our team of trusted event planning experts here at Current Event Rentals are happy to help pick up the slack so that you can easily plan your wedding, party, or conference without any excess stress. 

We offer a wide array of cost-effective options to meet the theming and style of every possible event you can pull together. Our process makes event planning easy so you can kick back and enjoy your time here in fabulous Las Vegas. 

At Current Event Rentals, we offer a massive selection of quality rental products to help make any event a spectacular time for you and your guests. Whether you need an assortment of basics, from tables to linens, or some eye-catching accessories that make for an entertaining conversation starter, we’ve more than got you covered. 

Please continue to learn about three of our most popular event accessories that can help liven up your special occasion.

The Donut Wall

No matter what kind of party, event, or celebration you’re hosting, there’s no better way to add an extra element of fun than by setting up an entire wall full of delicious donuts! Use it as a unique centerpiece to encourage your guests to snack and chat while taking in your live entertainment or whatever kinds of fun and games you have planned for the evening.

Wine Barrels 

Our unique Wine Barrels can serve as small tables for drinks and food or just as an exciting point of decor that adds an old-timey rustic aesthetic to your special event. They pair exceptionally well with our trendy Wine Barrel Tables, and are perfect for any party or celebration you intend to host at an outdoor venue.

Hand Sanitizer Kiosk With Digital Signage

Though we all might like to forget about the Coronavirus to enjoy a fun night of celebration and lively conversation, we still have to be careful and keep one another safe. Thankfully, our specially designed Hand Sanitizer Kiosks With Digital Signage serve as both a necessary protective measure and a great customizable decoration. Each kiosk features a free-standing flatscreen that can be programmed with your graphic design of choice, along with a tank of hand sanitizer to promote the health and safety of your guests. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we’ve taken the time to explore some of the most popular event accessories we offer here at Current Event Rentals, let’s take a moment to cover some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our event accessories. 

How much do you charge for delivery? 

Our delivery and pick-up costs are based on your zip code, so please reach out to inquire about what yours will be. If you need your rental items delivered to a specific room or booth at a convention, please inform us right away, as additional charges may apply. 

My event is on a Saturday, but you are closed on Sunday. Will I be charged for an extra day?

No, you are allowed to receive your items on Saturday and return them on Monday for only a one-day charge. 

What is your policy on security deposits?

We always require renters to have a valid credit card on file for security purposes. Your credit card information will be recorded once you confirm your reservation via our payment/signature link.

Do you offer late night, early morning, or Sunday delivery and pick-up options? 

We do offer them. However, additional charges may apply, so please reach out to request a quote. 

Current Event Rentals is a One-Stop-Shop for All Your Las Vegas Rental Needs

When it comes to planning any special event in Las Vegas, you want to rely on a trustworthy provider of top-quality rental products, equipment, and services to help you get the ball rolling and avoid any complications. Our experts here at Current Event Rentals are ready and eager to give you all the help you need to pull your next big event together without a hitch. Please get in touch with us today to learn more.

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