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The Best Kitchen Equipment Rental Products for Your Las Vegas Event

Hosting an event in Las Vegas is liable to cost you a decent amount of money. From renting a venue to hiring entertainment to provide drinks and more, the costs of an event can quickly add up to the point you’re shelling out thousands of dollars before you even realize it. Expenses can especially start running high when you choose to rely on specialized vendors, such as a professional caterer, particularly if you’re planning a larger or more lavish kind of event, like a wedding. While you can occasionally find some decent catering deals, the more high-quality services can cost well over $100 per person.

Thankfully, you don’t have to rely on a caterer to provide expensive food for your event. If you’re looking to try and save some money, it may be worth your time to consider renting some quality kitchen equipment to prepare the food yourself. You can also hire a chef or two to handle the equipment for the evening!

What Kitchen Rental Equipment Should You Consider For Your Las Vegas Event?

Investing in a short-term rental of quality kitchen equipment and handling everything yourself on location can be a fantastic way to help free up some room in your party-planning budget. But how do you know what kitchen equipment to rent? What follows is a short guide from our event planning experts at Current Event Rentals that explains the essential kitchen equipment you should consider investing in.

Refrigerators and Freezers

Current Event Rentals offers access to a range of refrigeration and freezer options depending on the needs of your unique event. For smaller parties and more intimate events, our single-door refrigerator (available for $150/day) or our upright single-unit refrigerator-freezer (available for $375/day) will likely suffice. Those hosting more significant events that need to accommodate more food and ingredients will probably want to invest in one of our larger, double-door refrigerators (available for $300/day).


Like our refrigeration, Current Event Rentals is proud to offer a selection of differently sized grill units to ensure you get what you need to cater to your event guests without having to spend too much extra money. For more intimate gatherings, we offer access to our specially designed 3-foot BBQ grill (available for $150/day). If you’re hosting a more significant event with a more extensive guest list, then we recommend the 5-foot BBQ grill for only $50 more per day. Both units are designed to meet all of your grilling needs, whether you’re looking to stick with a simple selection of burgers and hotdogs or expand to other dishes, like grilled vegetables, steaks, and kabobs.

Griddles and Griddle Plates

If you select one of our above grill units, we also recommend considering one of our two stainless steel grill/griddle plate accessories. Our 3-foot griddle top is designed to attach to the 3-foot grill and can be rented for only $75 per day, while our 30-inch griddle plate can be used with either unit for only $45 per day. While the accessory isn’t strictly needed if you’re looking to stick to more traditional grilling options, it can be a fantastic selection if you’d like to provide a more comprehensive array of food choices for your guests. You can easily switch from steaks and burgers to fried eggs, pancakes, and other delicious breakfast options with the griddle plate accessories. 

Deep Fryers

Our fourth recommended kitchen rental product is our portable five-gallon double basket deep fryer, available for only $200 per day. The unit is perfect for anyone wanting to supply their guests with a large variety of deliciously fried foods, from traditional chicken and french fries to tempura. A single deep fryer unit should be enough to accommodate the food needs of smaller and medium-sized events, though those looking to host larger gatherings may want to consider investing in two units or more to ensure everyone’s needs are met.

Pot Cookers

Our final kitchen rental recommendation is the two-burner gas one B-5000 pot cooker, which is available for only $75 per day. This unit is a great choice for anyone wanting to provide their event guests with a delicious soup appetizer or simply want to prepare a specialized sauce for some of your other dishes. While this unit may not be as essential as the other discussed above, it can allow chefs to provide a little something extra to their meals that’s sure to leave your event guests pleased.

The Bottom Line: Current Event Rentals is Your One-Stop Shop For All Your Las Vegas Event Needs

No matter what type of Las Vegas event you’re looking to host, Current Event Rentals has every sort of rental product you need to make your gathering a success. From specially designed kitchen equipment and party decorations to necessities like tables and linens, we offer access to everything you event could need to get off the ground.

Are you planning to host a wedding, party, reunion, or another type of special event in Las Vegas at some point in 2022? Current Event Rentals offers access to a wide range of top-quality kitchen rental equipment and other goods to help ensure you’re able to pull together the best event possible at a great price that won’t break the bank.

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