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Floor Coverings, Rugs, Mats, & More For Las Vegas, Nevada Events

If you’re planning an event, you might want to start from the floor up and start thinking about your floor coverings early. From artificial turf to vinyl, carpet, and dance floors, there are tons of options, and making a choice can feel overwhelming.

We’ll help you choose the right floor coverings, rugs, mats, dance floors, and more for your next event in the Las Vegas, Nevada area.

Why You Need the Right Flooring and Staging For Your Las Vegas Event

The flooring and staging you choose will be the foundation of your event or party, but it’s often an overlooked aspect. Many people focus too much on the theme, menu, and that program that they forget how important having a foolproof floor plan is.

Your flooring and staging must look elegant and inviting, complement your event’s style and theme, and remain stable throughout the day.

Outdoor Space Can Present Challenges

Especially for outdoor venues, there are additional challenges that you must consider during the planning process. They might require custom floor coverings to get over obstructions like grass, trees, staircases, or sloping grounds. You should also consider that you might need to assign a spot for staff, caterers, technicians, etc. And some areas will require permits if you want to set up flooring, canopies, and tents.

Your Layout Affects Your Event

When planning an event, the first thing you probably think about is the venue. It’s crucial to have a rough idea in mind about the activities they’ll be part of your event, which amenities you require, and any special needs for your attendees so that you can choose the right type of floor covering.

You should have a floor plan of each potential venue, assess them, and take note of your event’s most important aspects like entrances and exits, the number of presenters, where the AV equipment will go, etc.

The floor plan and layout of your event will impact some extremely important aspects, including:

  • Traffic flow: every event will have a different traffic flow. You need to consider which areas you expect will have the highest volume of traffic: is it the lobby or registration area, the dance floor, or somewhere else? Keep in mind that your decor and table setups will also affect the event’s flow of traffic.
  • Activities: if your event has presenters or keynote speakers, we’ll need to find the right spot for the stage. The stage will take up space from your floor plan, and you might need to include staging plots, set aside space for technical equipment, or set up a backstage area.

Choose the Right Floor Coverings For Your Next Event

Choosing the right floor coverings, rugs, and mats for your event enhances its overall comfort level, style, and safety. With the best ground cover, you can add some class to your event while limiting liability issues like slips, trips, and falls.

The best rental floor coverings for every event depend on two primary factors: if the event will take place indoors or outdoors and the surface of the venue. Some other considerations include safety, guest comfort, and durability.

Some types of rental floor coverings can easily be installed on uneven surfaces like grass or sand. However, choosing a flat site gives you a much greater number of flooring choices. For outdoor events, using the right floor coverings, rugs, and mats can help prevent your site from becoming a muddy mess. Even when precipitation is not a concern, you’ll likely want to choose flooring that is slip and spill-resistant to help keep the floor clean and your attendees safe. And if you anticipate your staff or attendees to spend a lot of time standing, ergonomic floor covering options can help prevent fatigue.

Some of the most popular event rental floor coverings include:

  • Artificial turf: these floor coverings are ideal for sporting events, garden parties, outdoor weddings, etc. Synthetic turf is great for many events because it is easy to install, versatile, and durable. You can use it even on wet grounds, and it can quickly improve the look of an outdoor venue if the existing ground isn’t in the best condition. Plus, it’s available in various colors: not just green!
  • Carpet: nice carpets are perfect for industry exhibitions, corporate events, walkways, and more. If you choose carpet for your event, it can provide warmth and comfort, particularly when attendees will be standing for a long period. This event floor covering is durable, available in various colors, and budget-friendly.
  • Vinyl flooring: for car shows, live music, dance floors, or corporate events, vinyl flooring works great. It has a professional look and is easy to install. It’s an attractive and sturdy option for both indoor and outdoor events, holds up to foot traffic and heavy furniture, and comes in a wide variety of styles.
  • Wood flooring: wood flooring is great for dance floors, formal events, and weddings. It creates a warm and natural setting and adds class to any event.
  • Dance floors: events like graduations, weddings, and anniversary parties aren’t complete without a dance floor. Any event with music will benefit from having one. And it’s more than a stylistic choice; having stable flooring at your event reduces the risks of someone getting hurt while dancing on uneven surfaces.

Finding the Best Floor Coverings, Rugs, and Mats for Your Event

There is such a wide variety of floor coverings, rugs, maps, and dance floor options to choose from for your Las Vegas event. At Current Event Rentals, we have a broad range of offerings to ensure that your event is one that attendees won’t forget.

From vinyl flooring and dance floors to stage decks, roll-out carpets and a variety of synthetic turfs, we have what you need to hold the best event ever. We also rent stage rails, steps, and stairs so that you have everything you need to create a memorable experience for your attendees and presenters.

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