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It has been said that an ideal marriage is comprised of two people who have perfected the art of accepting the other’s faults, striving to better, and learning to forgive.

However, no one can pretend that such characteristics can be applied to invited families and wedding guests. 

The typical size of an average wedding party can be as large as 200 people. And while organizers like you want everyone to get along, it is a wonder that most weddings go off without any major problems or disturbances.

However, you should never take it for granted that there won’t be any security problems at your wedding, party, or large-scale event.

As an organizer, you should consider who is coming to the event, how many, and prepare against the potentiality of trouble brewing.

Think about 200 people congregating for an event you are organizing and coordinating. All or at least half of them may arrive in their own or rented vehicles. 

Have you designated special parking spaces for the relatives of the bride and groom? Or special parking places for other wedding guests?

Have you planned to have a strategic barricade or stanchion rope placement installed to restrict where the wedding party and other guests can be placed during toasts, speeches, and dances?

Are you prepared for wedding party guests and guests to overstep their bounds? Or for embarrassing speeches from drunken uncles or other relatives? Or inappropriate dances from guests?

Every day people get into heated disagreements and fights for reasons a lot less substantial than unpreferred parking places, shortened speech time slots, or with the services at a wedding, party, or large-scale event.

You can read about giant brawls and horror stories erupting at weddings and large-scale events all over the internet.

And while we are not suggesting that this will happen at your wedding, party, or large-scale event, we do recommend that you should always be prepared against any such potentiality.

Contact Event Rentals LV today for a consultation on coordinating efficient crowd control services for your large-scale event in the Las Vegas area.

Event Rentals Crowd Control Rentals

Event Rentals LV offers a wide array of crows control products and services that you can rent for use at weddings, parties, and large-scale events in the Las Vegas area.

Neon Orange Traffic Flags

For example, we offer bright neon orange-colored traffic flags that you can use to direct wedding guests in cars to designated parking spaces or areas. You can rent each orange-colored traffic cone for:

  • $2.50 daily
  • $2.50 for three days
  • $3.50 for a week
  • $6 for a month

Galvanized Steel Barricades

Or you can rent durable galvanized steel barricades to strategically partition off private areas, parking lots or set boundary lines with other properties. Our galvanized steel barricades are eight feet long and 40-inches high. 

Rental Price Per Item:

  • $25 for one to three consecutive days
  • $75 per week
  • $95 per month

Black-Colored Retractable Stanchion

Our black-colored retractable stanchions feature retractable ribbons that can be linked and connected to other stanchions to create a wide variety of partitioning areas.

If you have ever been in a bank or large standing room waiting area at an office, then you probably lined up according to strategically placed stanchions connected to each other with retractable ribbons.

You can use our black-colored retractable stanchions to cordon off sensitive areas, podiums, dance floor, and seating areas as you see fit.

Rental Price Per Item:

  • $16 for one to three consecutive days
  • $48 per month
  • $64 per month

Chrome Stanchion Post

As an alternative to our black-colored retractable stanchion, you can opt to use our chrome stanchion posts.

Unlike our retractable stanchions, you will have to purchase our black-colored stanchion ropes to connect to the chrome stanchion.

Our chrome stanchions, when matched with our black stanchion ropes, can offer your event a more elegant-looking way to cordon off areas according to your needs.

Rental Price Per Item:

  • $12 for one or three consecutive days
  • $36 per week
  • $48 per month

Black-Colored Stanchion Rope

Use our black-colored stanchion rope to connect to and interlock our chrome stanchion posts.

Rental Price Per Item:

  • $8 for one to three consecutive days
  • $16 for one week
  • $24 per month

Blue-Colored Stanchion Rope Cover

Our blue-colored stanchion rope cover can be used to cover and drape over our black-colored stanchion ropes.

The color contrast between our blue-colored rope covers, which almost resemble crushed velvet, our black-colored stanchion ropes, and chrome stanchion posts will add a classy touch to your crowd control efforts.

Rental Price Per Item:

$3.75 for one or three consecutive days

$7.50 per week

$12 per month

Triangular Orange-Colored Traffic Cone

Our triangular-shaped orange traffic cones are 15-inches high and 7.8 inches wide.

Use our traffic cones to direct traffic, set boundary lines on property, or cordon off designated parking spaces.

Rental Price Per Item:

  • $3 for one or three consecutive days
  • $6.50 per week
  • $8 per month

Orange-Colored Traffic Cone Posts

Our orange-colored traffic cone posts are thinner and taller than our triangular-shaped traffic cones.

Our traffic cone posts are 43-inches tall. And they are neon orange-colored with two vertical stripes for enhanced traffic visibility.

Rental Price Per Item:

  • $13.50 for one or three consecutive days
  • $23 for a week
  • $30 per month

White-Colored Plastic Stanchion Post

You can use our white-colored stanchion posts to secure more low-security areas at your event.

You can use our white-colored stanchion chain to connect this plastic post.

Rental Price Per Item:

  • $7 for one to three consecutive days
  • $21 per week
  • $28 per month

White Colored Plastic Stanchion Chain

Our white-colored plastic stanchion chain is best paired with our white-colored plastic stanchion posts.

Rental Price Per Item:

  • $4 for one to three consecutive days
  • $8 per week
  • $14 per month

Why Choose Us for Event Rentals?

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Las Vegas is usually viewed as a wild party town. Still, Umphlett saw business potential in offering services that focused on enhancing customer experiences and event supply products of superior quality.

Customers can peruse our online selection of available event supplies or make an appointment to visit our inventory showroom in Las Vegas. Our professional event consultants are dedicated to helping you plan an event that meets all of your needs.

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