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Find the best event furniture Las Vegas at Current Event Rentals.

Best Event Furniture Rentals in Las Vegas, Nevada

Planning a gathering? Whether it’s a social party, a life-changing event, or business-related, we make renting event furnishings and furniture easy. 

While different types of events will need different types of rental décor and furniture, basically every gathering will need the basics. 

We have all of the event rentals you’ll need, along with our expert tips on choosing the right furnishings and furniture for your gathering.

Beautiful Sofas & Ottomans

When you book a venue for your event, they might have some tables available to you, but most of the time, it’s not enough to accommodate all of your guests. Unless you host events year-round, renting your event furniture is much more cost-effective than buying everything you need.

Plus, you don’t want to find out last minute that there aren’t enough setting options and watch your guests scramble around trying to find a seat. 

At Current Event Rentals, we offer modern sofas and ottomans for elegant settings.

For events where style is everything, like weddings and important corporate gatherings, we offer elegant white vinyl sofas, chairs, and ottomans that pair perfectly with the frosted dining tables and bar chrome tables.

And for events where you simply need a lot of seating, we offer more cost-effective options, including banquet chairs, wooden chairs, bar stools, and benches. You can view all of our rental chairs and seating options here.

Decorative Event Rental Furnishings

We also offer special event furnishings to ensure your atmosphere is perfect. 

From black, white, and navy drapes to hedge walls, wine barrel tables to string lighting and more, we’ve got your next event covered. Consider your party’s theme or your business’s image, and with the help of our decorators, no one will forget your event.

Your Las Vegas Furniture Renting Solution

At Current Event Rentals, we’ve provided our Las Vegas hosts with the best event services and rentals in the area for over 20 years. We’re a full-service event rental company and offer a wide range of rental furniture, décor, and more. And when you rent your event furniture from us, our experts are more than happy to help you with the process and determine what rentals are best for your event. 

Our team can handle the event rentals for social gatherings, weddings, trade shows, business conferences, galas, corporate events, and more in the Las Vegas area. 

Here’s why our customers trust us with their events:

Convenience Without Sacrifice

Organizing any event, whether large or small, is a stressful and expensive experience. You have enough to worry about—why not let someone else handle the logistics? That’s where we come in; let us handle organizing, setting up, removing, and transporting the furniture for your event.

Renting your furniture from us is one of the best ways to ensure everything matches your theme and all of the chairs, tables, and other furnishings match each other perfectly.

For a fee, our team will deliver and set up your rental furniture at your event and later return to take everything down after your party is over. Why not save the time, energy, and extra expenses that come with doing it all yourself?

Beautiful, Functional Furniture Rentals

Every event needs furniture. And if you’re already spending your time and energy organizing one, do you really want to worry about purchasing, setting up, maintaining, and taking down hundreds of tables, chairs, etc.? Probably not, and it comes with some other problems, too.

It’s almost impossible to get a large number of furnishings that all match and are aesthetically pleasing without any scratches, wear and tear, etc. without spending way more than you probably want to—that’s why, unless you throw events left and right, renting is the way to go.

Plus, you don’t want any chairs or tables collapsing at your event—all of our rentals are guaranteed to be pristine and fully functional.

Make Your Next Event One to Be Remember

We’re the third-largest event rental company in Las Vegas (and there are a lot of them!) for a good reason. We have a massive selection of high-quality products that we can quickly get delivered and set up for any event. 

From modern tables and chairs to elegant sofas, flatware, glassware, and more, we have everything you need to turn any event into the most memorable of the year.

We’re dedicated to ensuring your event is perfect—don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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