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Weddings can be wondrous because it is the union of two people with the potential for so many tomorrows together. However, weddings can also be stressful, time-consuming to plan, and headache-inducing because the organizers only have one chance to make one special day happen without any problems.

Even though a wedding day is exclusively about the couple getting married, the couple and organizers want to do everything to ensure the guests have a good time. The average wedding features anywhere between 170 to 200 guests.

Consider the plating. It is essential to have fashionable, fancy, and aesthetically beautiful plates available at a wedding. But do you want to worry about sourcing, securing, and being logistically responsible for providing hundreds of fragile plates for your event?

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Rent your choice of fine China, glassware, and other kinds of plating from Event Rentals Las Vegas.

Rent your plates from Event Rentals for your wedding, party, or any other large-scale event.

Plates and Fine China

There are great reasons why you should rent fine china, porcelain, and other exemplary plating choices from Event Rentals.

Variety of Options

Event Rentals offers a variety of plates, saucers, cups, and fine china for you to choose from for your event. You can peruse our website, and newsletter, or call for a consultation to visit our showroom to see our collection of plates.

No Need to Worry About Storage or Transport

You have enough to worry about if you are getting married or are one of the event’s organizers. Do you want to worry about storing, transporting, setting, arranging, and then re-packing fragile plating and cups? You have more than enough to worry about if you are planning a wedding.

Ensuring the comfort of your wedding guests should be a priority, but don’t sweat the small things. Let Event Rentals worry about your plating needs for your wedding.

No Need to Clean

You have enough things to plan for when organizing a wedding. Do you want to worry about the logistics of collecting and cleaning 200 plates and cups, and assorted utensils after the event is over?

Rent plates for your event from Event Rentals, and let us worry about collecting and cleaning the plates after your event.


You can rent utensils, cups, plates, bowls, and fine china from Event Rentals for about $0.75 to $3.75 per item per day.

Consider that cost to the cost of buying 200 plates for one day. You will probably never use the plates again after the event. And you will have to spend a few hundred dollars, or more, to pay your staff to collect and clean the plates.

Renting plates from Event Rentals for your event is the most affordable option.

Simpler Logistics

Our team at Event Rentals will deliver your rental plates, cups, utensils, and accessories the day before or the day of your big event. And then will come to pick up the rented items and take them away.

We will worry about all the logistics when it comes to your rented plates.

Enhances Decor and Color Themes of Your Event

Contact Event Rentals today for a consultation.¬†We will plan with you or your event planner to choose aesthetically pleasing plates to match and enhance your event’s color themes and decor.

Why Choose Us for Plate Rentals in Las Vegas?

Event Rentals was founded in 2011 by Jason Umphlett to offer quality products, services, and customer experiences in the party city of Las Vegas.

Event Rentals is proudly the third-largest supply and rental service company in Las Vegas. We have a massive inventory of supplies that can quickly and efficiently cater to your large-scale event in Las Vegas and any nearby city.

Event Rentals has various elegant rental tables, chairs, linen, china, flatware, and glassware.

Please feel free to contact us for a consultation. You can also subscribe to our newsletter, request an initial estimate, or make an appointment to visit our inventory showroom.

Event Rentals is always dedicated to making your next event fun, seamless, aesthetically pleasing, and relaxing. Contact us today.

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