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The cost of an average wedding in Las Vegas is almost $19,000. And that is the estimated cost of a Las Vegas wedding for any couple before the cost of hiring vendors, and independent contractors come into play. Now, consider the cost of buying various items and incidentals for the wedding. And then consider that the average number of guests invited to an American wedding is at least 200. 

Now, if you, your parents, or any of your in-laws are financing a wedding, why would you want to buy 200 sets of plates, linen, or chairs Imagine that you are planning a wedding or party event. Why would you buy 200 chairs? Where would you store these items? And what would you do with them after the big day?

Rent chairs from Events Rentals. Our chair rentals are affordable, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to set up. Why waste money from your budget renting chairs for your special event?

Why Choose Us for Chair Rentals in Las Vegas?

Here are various reasons why you should rent chairs for your event, wedding, or party from Event Rentals.

Logistics Convenience

Organizing a large-scale wedding, party, or event is a stressful, time-consuming, and expensive endeavor. As an organizer, you have enough things to worry about and do to make sure your event goes off without a hitch.

Why would you want to worry about the logistics of organizing, setting up, placing, folding, removing, and transporting 200 chairs?

And often, the third-party venue hosting your event won’t have enough supplies to suit your needs. Or the chairs that they offer won’t aesthetically match the theme of your event. 

Additionally, renting chairs for your event could mean the added hassle of shuttling hundreds of chairs to and from the third-party venue on your own.

For an extra fee, our team will transport, deliver, unfold, and set up your rental chairs at your event. And then, our team will come to pick up, fold, and remove the rental chairs after the event.

Our rental chair services will give you the time, energy, and expenses to worry about far more critical things than chair logistics.

Pleasing Aesthetics and Functionality

If you have the energy and willpower to organize a large-scale event, then you are probably savvy enough to amass 200 chairs on your own.

And again, aside from the stresses inherent in dealing with the logistics, why would you want to do that?

Borrowing every chair you can find from personal contacts will undoubtedly result in a collection of aesthetically uneven and unpleasing chairs.

In this situation, most of the chairs wouldn’t match aesthetically. The chairs may look worn down or scratched up. And it would be aesthetically unseemly if the chairs were a material mix of plastic, metal, wood, or fabric covered.

The chairs you rent will all be the same color and aesthetic texture as our rental chair service. And our rental chairs are all professionally functional. You don’t have to worry about using broken or malfunctioning chairs with our service.

Why not rent chairs that add to the decorum and aesthetic spirit of your event?


Our rental chairs are available in a variety of materials. You can rent wooden, plastic, metal, and fabric-covered chairs from our chair rental service.

We do recommend that you rent chairs made of our most robust materials, like wood or metal. Our wood and metal chairs are less likely to break under sustained durations of supporting heavy weights.

Significant Cost Savings

As previously mentioned, the average cost of a wedding in Las Vegas is at least $19,000. But since this is just the average price, it can conceivably cost you thousands or tens of thousands more, in reality, relative to your preferences and financial situation.

Borrowing a mix and match of aesthetically unpleasing and functioning optional chairs is probably a non-starter for those who want to have an aesthetically memorable event.

But spending thousands of dollars to buy hundreds of premium and extravagantly beautiful chairs for your event is just as impractical.

For one thing, you will probably never use the hundreds of chairs you bought for the event ever again. And in that circumstance, how could such a purchase be financially feasible or sensible?

Affordably rent chairs from Event Rentals, save thousands of dollars from your budget, and maximize your event budget dollars for things that matter.

Our Chair Rentals in Las Vegas Are For You

Event Rentals rental chairs can be used for various purposes to make your event a success.

Our rental chairs can be used to logistically space people around not to cause unnecessary crowding or bottlenecks at your event.

While our rental chairs are optimally used for comfort, they can also efficiently seat guests relative to family, friends, and guest status.

Lets Make Your Next Event the Best One Yet!

Event Rentals was founded in 2011 by Jason Umphlett to offer quality products, services, and customer experiences in the party city of Las Vegas.

Event Rentals is proudly the third-largest supply and rental service company in Las Vegas. We have a massive inventory of supplies that can quickly and efficiently cater to your large-scale event in Las Vegas and any nearby city. Event Rentals has various elegant rental tables, chairs, linen, china, flatware, and glassware.

Please feel free to contact us for a consultation. You can also subscribe to our newsletter, request an initial estimate, or make an appointment to visit our inventory showroom. Event Rentals is always dedicated to making your next event fun, seamless, aesthetically pleasing, and relaxing. Contact us today.

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