One of the most enjoyable experiences of being invited to a wedding, party, or event is socializing comfortably with drinks.

When you are a guest, it may be easy not to notice the aesthetic detail, fragility, or availability of the glassware offered for convenience.

Someone had to take the planning initiative to ensure that there were enough wine, beer, and drinking glasses available to every guest. And for special large-scale events, the glassware is made of glass or crystal for a formal touch.

Comfort and convenience should never be spared for any guest who attends a large-scale event or wedding to bring the best of themselves to add to the celebrations.

Still, guests don’t have to worry about sourcing the glassware for large-scale events. And if you are planning a wedding, event, or large-scale party in the Las Vegas, Nevada area.

If you plan such an event, offering paper cups to guests just won’t do. But do you want to be responsible for sourcing hundreds of fragile glassware receptacles? The average number of guests that are usually invited to a wedding is just under 200.

Currently, the typical cost of a wedding is about $22,500. If you are planning a wedding or some other large-scale event, you don’t want to worry about is the logistics of supplying glassware.

So if you need glassware for a large-scale event or wedding in the Las Vegas area, contact Event Rentals LV today.

Our Glassware

Event Rentals LV glassware supplies include sommelier-style goblets with stems, wine glasses, martini glasses, highball glasses, cocktail glasses, stemless flute glasses, and everyday drinking glasses.

Since many parties, weddings, and large-scale events held in Las Vegas hire bars or professional bartenders to supply drinks. And the glassware you can rent from Event Rentals LV will ensure that all guests will be served in formal and professional style.

And any trained and professional bartender can serve drinks that correspond to the wide variety of mixology specialty glasses in our rental section.

The glassware that you can rent from Events LV is also a convenient alternative to dealing with the hassles of logistics and sourcing glassware on your own. 

After all, why would you want to deal with collecting, setting, removing, or cleaning 200+ glassware receptacles? You have enough things to deal with if you plan a large-scale celebratory event in Las Vegas.

Contact Event Rentals LV today for a consultation to help you rent glassware that will serve your event needs.

Glassware Rentals Frequently Asked Questions:

Will Events Rentals LV Help me Choose Glassware Styles for my Event?

Schedule a consultation with EVent LV today, and we will gladly help you find the glassware style that suits the aesthetics of your event.

You can make an appointment to visit our inventory showroom of event supplies in Las Vegas and meet with an Events LV professional.

You don’t need to rent every glassware sample from Event Rentals LV. Glassware can be rented according to your aesthetic preferences. Or you can rent glassware based on the mixology and drinks menu planned for your event.

How Do I Figure Out What Kind of Glassware I Need?

You may want to send out an informal questionnaire regarding preferred drinks. Or the organizers could quiz guests as they are contacted, especially if they are local.

If you know who is more likely to drink water, non-alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, cocktails, and beer, then you can have a better idea of what kinds of glassware to rent.

How Many Glasses Per Guest do I Require for My Event?

Weddings, parties, and large-scale events can become raucous and over-energetic. Guests don’t usually write their names on their glasses or use the same glass during the event. 

And no guest should be expected to keep track of the same glassware they use. Glassware is not usually washed on-site during such events, so you should plan to rent a little more glassware relative to the exact number of your guest list.

You may want to rent 5% to 10%, or more, above your projected number of guests. You can come to this estimate based on your guest list, mixology menu, and estimated length of the event.

How Can I Save on Glassware Rentals?

You could buy beer bottles to reduce the amount of glassware to rent. Except then, you may end up paying inflated prices per beer bottle. 

And you will end up with many empty glass bottles to recycle or throw away at the end of the event. Who wants to deal with such hassles after a large-scale event?

So, you may end up saving more money and logistical effort by setting up a beer tap at the event bar and renting glassware from Event Rentals LV.

And Event Rentals LV staff will pick up the glassware if requested.

What Are Your Glassware Rental Fees?

Our rental fees range from $0.60 to $1.25 per glassware rental.

Are There Any Other Additional Fees?

Event Rental LV charges additional but nominal fees for the delivery, placement, and retrieval of glassware rentals. 

Additionally, there are fees for any damage or destruction of glassware rentals.

Why Choose Us for Glassware Rentals?

Our glassware rentals are suited for large-scale events in the Las Vegas area.

While we welcome all business, our glassware rental services are impractical for small-scale events and parties.

About Event Rentals Las VegasĀ 

Current Event Rentals LV was launched by Jason Umphlett back in 2011.

Las Vegas is usually viewed as a wild party town. Still, Umphlett saw business potential in offering services that focused on enhancing customer experiences and event supply products of superior quality.

Customers can peruse our online selection of available event supplies or make an appointment to visit our inventory showroom in Las Vegas. Our professional event consultants are dedicated to helping you plan an event that meets all of your needs.

Current Event Rentals will assist you in planning your event every step of the way.

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