Whether it’s a romantic wedding, elegant gala, or corporate party, choosing the right flatware is one thing that can make or break your next event. Highly polished, refined flatware can enhance any table setting and show your guests that you don’t spare even the smallest detail.

Everyone has basic flatware, but at Current Event Rentals, we carry an assortment of high-quality flatware options from elegant eating utensils to stunning bread and butter knives.

When you work with us, you can check stunning flatware and any other must-haves for your event off of your planning to-do list.

Our Flatware Event Collection

When you choose our flatware, you’ll understand that the art of formal dining isn’t lost at Current Event Rentals. We carry a selection of high-quality flatware for all of your event needs! From simple sophistication to modern elegance, we have the perfect flatware for your tablescape.

Choosing the right event rental flatware ensures that your table setting comes together, sets the right mood, and completes your vision. Cover every course with our exceptional flatware options!

Our Acopa Flatware Collection

Acopa flatware is the finishing touch that brings your event’s tabletop presentation together. These forks, spoons, and knives are attractive, functional additions to any table settings. They feature sleek, classic styles and set your tabletop with an air of refinement.

From casual events to contemporary parties, Acopa has it all. We guarantee your guests will admire the simple elegance of this flatware, and they’ll stand up to use whether your event is a day long or a month long! No matter where or what you’re serving, Acopa flatware is a dependable option.

Our Acopa flatware offerings include:

  • Bread and Butter Knifes
  • Dessert Spoons
  • Salad Forks


  • One day rental price: $0.75
  • Three day rental price: $0.75
  • One week rental price: $1.50
  • One month rental price: $2.25

Our Esquire Flatware Collection

Esquire flatware is the perfect fit for any modern, elegant event. The weight and balance is perfect, and the quality is unbeatable. Sophisticated enough for weddings and contemporary enough for corporate parties, Esquire flatware has a place at any event.

Stylish, timeless, and high-quality—what more could you ask for your event flatware? It’s hard to go wrong with Esquire.

Our Esquire flatware offerings include:

  • Bread and Butter Knives 
  • Dessert Spoons
  • Dinner Forks
  • Dinner Knives
  • Soup Spoons
  • Teaspoons


  • One day rental price: $0.65
  • Three day rental price: $0.65
  • One week rental price: $1.95
  • One month rental price: $2.60

Our Siena Jett Flatware Collection

If you’re looking for classy, timeless flatware for your next event, our Siena Jett flatware is what you want. The dark black flatware adds a modern touch to any tabletop, and is perfect for corporate gatherings.

Serve your guests with a modern, elegant style with our Siena Jett black flatware collection!

Our Siena Jett flatware offerings include:

  • Black Bread and Butter Knives
  • Black Dinner Knives
  • Black Salad Forks
  • Black Spoons
  • Black Dinner Forks


  • One day rental price: $0.85
  • Three day rental price: $0.85
  • One week rental price: $2.55
  • One month rental price: $3.40

Other: FW Titan Bread and Butter Knives

Need a bread and butter knife to impress the crowd at your event? Look no further than the FW Titan bread and butter knives. They have an elegant, modern style that’s impossible to match!


  • One day rental price: $0.85
  • Three day rental price: $0.85
  • One week rental price: $2.55
  • One month rental price: $3.40

Flatware Event Rentals: FAQs

Do I need to reserve my flatware rentals?

You don’t have to, but reserving your flatware in advance ensures that they’re available when you need them. If you wish to reserve your flatware rental, call us at 702-944-1848.

Do you set up the flatware?

Yes, for a small fee. Normally, we deliver your rentals to the designated area, and you’re free to set them up however you wish. However, for an extra charge, we can handle setup, too. Our rentals like tents, dance floors, and gazebos come with complimentary setup and takedown!

Can I get my flatware delivered the day before my event?

In most cases, yes! Just reach out to us and check in to see what we have available.

Why Choose Current Event Rentals for Your Flatware Needs?

We’re more than your average event rental company. There’s a reason why we’ve become the third largest event rental business in Las Vegas!

Other than our massive inventory of high-quality event rentals, we offer event services, including:

  • Pickup and delivery to your event
  • Professional staff who can help place your rental items in the best location
  • Guaranteed delivery times
  • 24/7 service—after hours questions? No problem.
  • Free in-home consultations for tents and string lighting
  • A showroom where you can see all of our rentals before deciding which ones to use
  • Free scaled floor plans and CAD layouts
  • Setup and takedown for a small charge (it’s included with tents, flooring, and staging!)

We opened up our doors right here in Las Vegas in 2011. In that time, we’ve become one of the go-to rental companies for events all over the LV Valley. Start your next event with us, and you’ll see why!

Your Flatware Solutions For Any Event!

No matter what kind of event you’re planning—or where it’s located—at Current Event Rentals, we’ll handle all of your flatware needs so that you can impress your guests! 

We’re your local event rental experts. Whether you’re planning a corporate event, wedding, dinner party, or anything else, we’re happy to help. We’re continually adding new flatware and other products to our event rental line so that you have the best options for your special event!

Our event and party rental experts are ready to help you with your next wedding, corporate party, or any other event in the Las Vegas, Nevada area!

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