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Buffet Serving Equipment For Las Vegas, Nevada Events

Buffets have become a popular option for various events, like wedding receptions, parties, corporate gatherings, and more.

They are a cost-effective way to feed attendees and guests for wedding receptions, anniversary parties, or any other event that you expect many people to attend. Plus, your attendees will love choosing from all of the options. And by cutting service costs, you can budget for better food, decor, etc. Buffets also encourage guests to socialize more in a laid-back environment.

However, you’ll need to rent the right buffet serving equipment to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Buffet Serving Equipment You Need For Your Event

By choosing the right buffet serving equipment, you can present your food in style, ensure food safety, and delight your guests.

Our selection of high-quality buffet serving pieces and equipment can add elegance to your overall presentation, and our various rentals can help you match your event theme perfectly.

We’ve got you covered with all of the buffet serving equipment you’ll need for your Las Vegas event.

Buffet Chafers

Buffet chafers and chafing dishes are the best way to serve buffet-style food at your event, whether it’s a wedding reception, corporate gathering, family reunion, or party on any occasion. Caters, event planners, and attendees all appreciate the convenience of chafing dishes at an event that features a buffet.

At Current Event Rentals, we carry the highest quality stainless steel buffet chafers in various sizes and styles to fit any event theme and buffet size perfectly. We also carry seven-quart soup chafers that are perfect for keeping any soups, sauces, and liquids at the perfect temperature for your attendees.

Buffet Beverage Dispensers

For buffets at events, everything comes in large quantities. While the food might be your main focus, you cannot forget about the beverages; whether you’re serving water, iced tea, lemonade, or anything else, you’ll need to keep them cold without using ice to water them down.

We carry five and 10-gallon beverage cambros to keep your drinks hot or cold for the duration of your event. Losing only 1 degree of temperature per hour. These are great for catering teams who need to transport beverages to your event.

Other Buffet Serving Equipment

Buffet chafers and beverage dispensers are essential, but they aren’t all that you need. No matter what you’re serving at your event buffet, we have all of the rentals you need to make it perfect.

We carry the best buffet serving equipment and accessories, including heated carving stations, heat lamps, seafood and cupcake towers, serving platters and utensils, buffet risers, cutting boards, and more.

Why Choose a Buffet Service For Your LV Event?

Opting for a buffet for your next event comes with plenty of benefits. For one, it’s much cheaper than other forms of catering, easy to prepare, and requires less staff to put together. For example, if your event is seated, you’ll need to hire a server for about every ten guests, but when you serve a buffet, you can make do with fewer workers.

Buffets are also relatively easy to arrange, which is another significant benefit. For seated events, you typically have to collect RSVPs to order the right food in the right amounts for your attendees. However, when you choose the buffet, you have all of the food prepared so that the guests can choose what they want at the event.

Buffet services also add flexibility to your event. Because you can serve a wide variety of food, you can include various options to cater to different guests. For example, you can easily add some vegan and vegetarian dishes for attendees that prefer those meals.

Finally, buffets are more casual and can help your attendees relax around each other. Do you give your guests more time to interact and can make the event much livelier.

Tips For Setting Up a Buffet Table

The key to ensuring success for your event buffet is properly arranging the tables. And yes, we also offer table and table covering rentals. When setting up your buffet table, you want it placed in the center of the room. This placement gives people plenty of space when getting their food and reduces congestion.

While the food is the primary focus of the buffet, you should also decorate the table. A fabric tablecloth is affordable to rent, looks nice, and you don’t even need a fancy one; plain colors and simple patterns are perfect to not detract attention from the food.

For a more interesting look, you can also add levels to your buffet table. We offer beautiful wooden risers, shelves, nesting crates, and more in a variety of styles and wood grains so that you can present the food in an exciting way to your attendees.

You’ll also need to determine how much flatware and dinnerware you’ll need for your buffet. On average, you’ll need:

  • Two to three dinner plates her guest
  • Two appetizer plates per guest
  • Two dessert plates and dessert forks for guest
  • Two forks, dinner knives, and salad forks per person
  • One steak knife per person
  • Two soup spoons per person

Don’t forget to check out our wide selection of flatware and dinnerware rentals for your event that come in various styles, colors, and materials!

Why Rent Buffet Serving Equipment For Your Next Event In Las Vegas?

When you rent your buffet serving equipment from us at Current Event Rentals, you can ensure that your presenters, staff, guests, and attendees will have a great time at your Las Vegas event.

  1. Save time, money, and space: purchasing, storing, and transporting all of the buffet serving equipment you need for your event is expensive and time-consuming. That’s why we offer the best rentals so that you can focus on your attendees while we focus on the details.
  1. Professional appearances: by renting your buffet serving equipment from us, you get a variety of choices to ensure that everything matches your event theme perfectly.
  1. Eco-friendly: many people choose plastic cutlery, dishes, etc., for their events because it’s cheaper. However, all of that simply gets thrown away once the event is over. By renting buffet serving equipment, glassware, and flatware from us, you save a ton compared to buying and reducing waste, as they can be reused over and over again.
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