Checklist For Effective Event Management

checklist for effective event management

Event management is not just a one day activity, it can requires weeks or even months of planning to create an unforgettable event. The primary focus is to create an event which is highly memorable to all. The management process involves various important factors to be considered to ensure the event is executed in the best way without creating an excess amount of stress.

Budget: The most important part of the event management process is creating your budget. You must account for all components needed to have a flawless event, but still be able to stay within the constraints of your budget. From there you are able to prioritize all different aspects of the event at hand. Budgeting and breaking the cost down to a per person cost can be very helpful in deciding on things such as they type of food and beverage or decor and venue you decide to choose. A defined budget can simplify the selection process when planning your event using the cost per person tool.

Site/Venue: finding a venue is the next step works for both your budget and compliments the theme you desire. As some rental and decor items can be quite costly it is good to note what your venue has to offer. Finding a venue that already carries items such chairs and or a dance floor that you like are great money saving factors you should be considering when choosing your space. Having these items already included can keep your per person cost down to a minimum.

Menu: One of the biggest factors to a successful event is having good food. If your event does not have good food then even with some of the most elaborate decorations won’t make for a great event. Try to select the menu that will compliment your theme. Look for something that can be both visually stunning and incredibly tasty. Search for menus that are able to give you a wow factor, but also assist in sticking within your budget.

Theme: Your event theme and the use of colors help in capturing the eyes of the guests. Beautiful floral centerpieces or great table scapes for your wedding or special event can be great options to create a good and positive feel. The use of vases or any other decorative items on the tables can create a great energy for any event. Explore multiple options and ideas to get the perfect match for your event.

Entertainment: After choosing your venue and menu, entertainment is definitely a key factor for an amazing event. Whether you decide to have a  dj, live band or some form of performance, this can be a “make it or break” it aspect to your event. Be sure to look at all options for entertainment. Make sure you check online reviews, get the opinion of the other vendors you are using. Chances are they have worked with whatever company you decide to go with and can give you valuable advice about some past events. If you choose a dj ask them for a playlist you can listen to in order to see if it both fits within your theme and if you like it. The true goal with entertainment is trying to appease all guests to ensure that everyone has a great time.

Staff needs: For the most part the venue or caterer you select should have this covered, but be sure to ask how many people they will have on hand to attend to all of my guests needs. You never want to be understaffed or you will run into issues like long lines at the bar or hungry guests because the food wasn’t being served at the proper time. It is your party so it is very important that you too have a good time. You want to make sure it is as worry free as possible. Making sure you have hired great vendors can definitely assist in having lower stress levels on your big day.

Momentos: Last but not the least, be sure to enjoy the event and make sure it is as memorable to you as it is to your guests. Great ways to commemorate your event is to give away small gifts. This will give all your guests a reason to remember the great time everytime they see the items they received. Always try to hire professional vendors like Current Events Rentals who know that their reputation is on the line as well as yours. They are always there to help in any aspect of the party planning process. Their main goal is to turn your best ideas into reality!

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