5 Best Wedding Rental Companies in Las Vegas 2022

Find the right rental company for your Las Vegas wedding

Do you need to find a great wedding rental company for your big day? Rentals can make or break your special event, and you want to make sure to choose a company that can deliver on its promises. Whether you want a classic or modern touch to your wedding, these companies can help with the job. Here are our five top wedding rental companies in the Las Vegas area. 

Are you looking to rent wedding party items from one of the top-rated companies in the Las Vegas area? Whether you need tents, tables, or chairs, Current Event Rentals has you covered. We have a wide selection of products and offer exceptional customer service to make your wedding day a truly memorable event

Choose the Right Wedding Rental Company for Your Event

Not only is a wedding a special event for you, but you want it to be the highlight of your guests’ experience. When you use high-quality and unique rentals, you can take your wedding from ordinary to extraordinary. To help you select the best wedding rental companies in Las Vegas, look at the top-rated ones in the area. 

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#1 – Current Event Rentals

If you are looking for one of the best rental shops in Las Vegas, check out Current Event Rentals. Since 2011, they have provided clients with a wide range of rental items for all types of events, including weddings. Whether you have a small at-home gathering or world-class big event, choose Current Event Rentals. You can count on them to provide well-maintained and modern equipment with exceptional customer service. Their inventory includes everything you could require on your big day, including tents, dinnerware, chairs, tables, lighting, linens, and stages. Current Event Rentals continuously updates the inventory to give customers more up-to-date and trendy options. 

Additionally, Current Event Rentals offers delivery and pick-up service from your designated wedding venue. When you need help choosing the right items for your wedding, Current Event Rentals offers the services of their design consultants. Every aspect of your special event is covered when you work with Current Event Rentals. 

#2 – RSVP Party Rentals

One of Nevada’s largest wedding rental equipment providers is RSVP Party Rentals. This company has helped turn thousands of weddings into memorable events in the Las Vegas area. Since 1985, RSVP Party Rental has provided full-service event setups, including tables, tents, chinaware, dance floors, and stages. This company strives to provide premium rental equipment and excellent service for all wedding events. 

They have a 40,000-square-foot warehouse that includes thousands of seats and tables. With their fleet of 15 trucks, RSVP Party Rental will deliver to any venue in the Las Vegas Valley and surrounding areas. They also have an updated inventory with hundreds of new items added monthly. Their items are guaranteed to suit everyone’s tastes and needs. You can schedule a complimentary design appointment with their event consultants. No matter what you need, they can help you choose the best selections for your upcoming wedding. 

Create the right look for your wedding

# 3 – Rebel Party Rentals

Since 1986, Rebel Party Rentals have helped create spectacular weddings with their rental products. This company is a family-owned and -operated business that services the Las Vegas area. They have a comprehensive inventory offering a wide range of items that can work for any venue. For example, if you are looking for rental tents, Rebel Party Rentals offers over 150 tents in various sizes. The rest of their inventory is also extensive, and they provide everything for your space, including chairs, covers, tables, furniture, lighting, cooking equipment, dance floors, and cocktail tables. You can even rent wine barrels and other decor pieces to help enhance the look of your venue. 

Rebel Party Rentals offers prompt and quick service to all of its customers. You can schedule delivery and setup of the items seven days a week. If you cannot decide on the right products for your special day, work with one of their experienced rental consultants. When you want a once-in-a-lifetime experience, you can trust Rebel Party Rental for all your wedding rental needs. 

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#4 – Nostalgia Resources

If you want to host a more vintage-style wedding, then turn to Nostalgia Resources. This company focuses on vintage rentals and styling services. You will want to look through the curated catalog of high-quality rental items. Nostalgia Resources has an endless selection of vintage accessories that have been purchased from the top vendors in the wedding industry. Like most wedding rental companies, Nostalgia Resources has a large inventory of seating, tables, rugs, and runners for your big day. Whether you want something small or large, this company can deliver it to you. You will want to check back at their website since the inventory is periodically updated with new products. 

Have a memorable event with help from a wedding rental company

#5 – Dogwood Party Rentals

Dogwood Party Rentals specializes in those one-of-a-kind rentals. If you want rustic, romantic, or retro rental items, then they can help you. Dogwood Party Rentals can outfit your photo shoot or big event. This company will ensure you get the best rentals for your wedding day. You can choose from their wide selection of items, including furniture, tables, chairs, and plates. They will work with you to make sure your big day goes off without any hitches. When you want to break from the ordinary, consider reaching out to Dogwood Party Rentals. 

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With that, you have a listing of the top wedding rental companies in the Las Vegas area. Reach out to them and allow these companies to create the wedding of your dreams. 

Need a wedding rental company that goes those extra steps? Current Event Rentals is here to help! We have an extensive line of items to help you make your day a bit more memorable.

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