Things You Should NOT Do in Las Vegas

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Are you thinking about taking a trip to Las Vegas soon? Las Vegas is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the US. 

Each year, Las Vegas gets approximately 42 million visitors. When most people think of Vegas, they think of gambling, pool parties, and nightly shows. While there’s plenty of information out there about what to do in Vegas, before you head out, you also need to consider what you shouldn’t do in Vegas

To have a good time in Vegas, there are certain things you need to avoid. Read on to learn the top things you should NOT do in Las Vegas

Show Up Without a Plan 

As we mentioned, Las Vegas is a very popular tourist destination. If you show up without a plan, you may miss out on a lot of wonderful activities. 

You should plan to book your hotel a couple of months before your trip, especially if you plan to stay on the Strip. If you plan to go to any shows, you should also book those as far in advance as possible. 

The same goes for restaurants, especially if you plan to eat at upscale places. If you plan to attend any daytime parties, such as pool parties, you should book your tickets for those in advance as well. 

When it comes to going out at night, you don’t need to make reservations for bars or casinos. However, if you plan to go to any exclusive clubs with bottle service, you’ll need to book your table beforehand. This is especially the case if you’re traveling to Vegas with a large group. 

While you can easily get around the city by taxi or Uber, if you’re with a large party, you may want to consider booking a limo to take you from place to place. 

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Underestimate the Difference from Point A to Point B 

Las Vegas Strip

One of the biggest mistakes people make when traveling to Las Vegas is underestimating its size. Not only is the Las Vegas Strip over four miles long, but the hotels are quite large as well. 

Walking through a hotel can take upwards of 20 minutes sometimes. If you’re planning to hop from hotel to hotel for gambling or other activities, don’t underestimate the distance

It’s not just going to be a quick jaunt across the street. As we mentioned, you can take taxis to get around the Strip, but it’s a lot cheaper and convenient to invest in a monorail pass. Prices for the monorail start at $5, but if you plan to use the pass a lot and for multiple days, you save money by buying a multi-day pass. 

For example, you can buy a 7-day pass for $56 that will give you access to an unlimited number of rides. The monorail runs from the MGM Grand to SAHARA Las Vegas, and it stops at many major destinations along the way. 

Several noteworthy stops include:

  • Caesar’s Palace
  • Las Vegas Convention Center
  • The Westgate
  • Bally’s/Paris
  • Harrah’s/The Linq
  • The Flamingo

Best of all, you can buy the pass online to help you plan ahead. 

Stay Off the Strip to Save Money 

Venetian Las Vegas

The only time it’s smart to stay off the Strip is if you don’t plan to spend any time on the Strip. Many people think staying in a cheaper hotel off the Strip is a clever way to save money, but the truth is, you’ll end up spending more money and wasting time by constantly taxiing back and forth from the Strip. 

Plus, believe it or not, there are many reasonably priced hotels right on the Strip that will allow you to explore without having to waste money on taxis or busses. Caesar’s Palace is right in the heart of the Strip, so if you’re not sure about the hotel you’re booking, just look up the distance from there. 

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Using Casino ATMs 

Many people think the biggest rip-off in Vegas is the slot machines. However, if you’re not careful, you can also get ripped off by the ATMs

We recommend that you avoid using the casino ATMs at all costs, as they charge extremely high service fees that are usually between $3.00 and $8.00. On top of that, your bank may charge you more money for using an ATM that isn’t there’s. 

If you need cash, we suggest walking to a nearby Walgreen’s or CVS to take some out. 

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Treating Yourself to the Hotel Mini-Bar 

Unless your goal in Vegas is to spend as much money as possible, you should avoid grabbing drinks from the hotel mini-bar. The drinks in the mini-bar are insanely pricey- we’re talking upwards of $75 for a single drink.

If you just want to check out the drinks in the mini bar, be careful about how long you browse. Most hotel mini-bars come with automatic sensors that will charge you if you take a drink out for more than 45 seconds

Also, buying drinks from the mini-bar is an even bigger waste of money if you plan to spend a lot of time gambling. As long as you’re on the casino floor dropping money, your drinks are free. Some people even score free drinks when watching others play games on the casino floor. 

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Are You Ready to Visit Las Vegas? 

Now that you’ve read what NOT to do in Las Vegas, you can start planning your trip. If you plan right, your trip to Las Vegas can be an unforgettable experience. 

Of course, there’s more to Vegas than just gambling. It’s also a great city for planning an event. 

If you’re looking to plan an event in Las Vegas, contact us today. 

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