The Best (open) Event Venues in Las Vegas for 2021

The Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas.

If you’re thinking about hosting an incredible event in Las Vegas, you may find yourself struggling to choose the best possible venue. There are so many excellent hotels, resorts, and event centers to choose from, and it can be quite difficult to know for sure which ones are really the cream of the crop. But there’s no need to worry; Current Event Rentals has compiled this list of the best Las Vegas event venues that are open and eager to serve you in 2021.

The Bellagio

The Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas.


Located on the scenic Las Vegas Strip and with a maximum capacity of 4,500 people, The Bellagio is arguably one of the best venues to host parties, weddings, conventions, and any other special events you’re thinking about hosting in 2021. Featuring the iconic Bellagio fountains, this venue was designed to facilitate both large and intimate events that your guests are sure to remember. Choose between eight different luxurious event spaces to find one perfect for you, and take advantage of their full-time event crew to help you get everything set up and organized without any stress on your part. 

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The Venetian

The Venetian hotel in Las Vegas.


Suppose you’re thinking of hosting a massive event. In that case, The Venetian is a classic Las Vegas venue that you’re definitely going to want to consider, particularly if you’re looking to be close to the Las Vegas Strip. Featuring 3,068 suites and 4,049 rooms, this Las Vegas resort is the second largest in the world and has a maximum capacity of over 12,000 people. Modeled off of beautiful Venice, Italy, this location provides a feeling of luxury that neither you nor your guests are likely to forget any time soon.

The Las Vegas Convention Center

The Las Vegas Convention Center.


Another stellar location to consider if you’re thinking about holding a massive event, The Las Vegas Convention Center is an enormous location that can host up to 200,000 guests at a single time, making it the largest single-level convention center in the world. Whether you’re hosting a convention, conference, wedding, trade show, concert, or anything else, The Las Vegas Convention Center has you covered. It provides WiFi, breakout rooms, specialized A/V equipment, and much more to ensure that you have everything you need for your event.

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House of Blues – Las Vegas

A lounge in the House of Blues Las Vegas.


The Las Vegas House of Blues is proud to offer a calming and delightful change of pace from the casino atmosphere, loud noises, and bright lights provided by countless other Las Vegas venues. Due to being operated by the world’s most extensive entertainment company, Live Nation, this venue features some of the greatest entertainers and superior sound and lighting equipment to ensure that all performances are as memorable as possible. You can ensure that you’ll get to experience a stress-free, laid-back event that you and your guests are sure to enjoy.

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The Clark County Amphitheater

The Clark County Amphitheater in Las Vegas.


If you’re considering hosting an outdoor event, then the Clark County Amphitheater located in Downtown Las Vegas is a location you need to consider. They can host several types of major events, ranging from concerts and festivals to theatrical performances. The site proudly features space for up to 3,000 guests with lawn seating, parking for 1,300 vehicles, and a 50-foot concrete stage that can be used for any performance.

Topgolf Las Vegas

A lounge room in Topgolf Las Vegas.


If you’re searching for a unique venue for your event, consider checking out Topgolf Las Vegas, the ultimate grown-up’s playground. This location features an astounding 100 climate-controlled hitting bays, two pools, multiple VIP lounges, an Esports gaming area, five full bars, and much more. No matter the type of special event you’re trying to plan for, Topgolf is a fantastic location that will easily provide you and your guests with an exciting, fun experience that they’ll be able to brag about to all of their friends.

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1923 Bourbon Bar

The 1923 Bourbon Bar in Las Vegas.


Sometimes known as a “hidden gem” of Las Vegas, the 1923 Burbon Bar is a modern-day speakeasy with a classy atmosphere that can add something special to whatever kind of event you’re hosting, whether it’s a wedding, bachelor party, or business meeting. They feature a fantastic list of top-quality entertainers, ranging from temporary tattoo artists and celebrity impersonators to professional jazz bands and renowned musicians. They have a max capacity of 500 guests and are perfect for smaller and medium-sized events.

Final Considerations

No matter what type of Las Vegas event you’re planning on hosting in 2021, there are countless venues to choose from that each offer a range of unique and exciting features that any partygoer would be happy to experience. The above locations are some of the best venues that Las Vegas has to offer, and they are more than worth considering if you want to host an unforgettable event that all of your guests are sure to adore. And if you happen to require some additional assistance with booking your Las Vegas venue or planning for your upcoming special event, consider contacting Current Event Rentals to learn about what they can do to help.

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