Hosting Your Convention or Big Event in Las Vegas

There are many different elements that one should consider when planning to host an event in Las Vegas. From the location and activities to the catering and entertainment, there is no shortage of decisions you’re going to have to make to pull off a spectacular event that your guests are sure to remember. But for those who have never planned an event like this, you’re probably going to need some help. This is why Current Event Rentals has put together this short guide on the primary factors you need to keep in mind as you plan your special Las Vegas Event.

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Largs vs. Small Venues

The first question you’re going to need to ask yourself is whether you’re planning on hosting a large or small event since the size of your event is going to be the primary determining factor in selecting your venue. Whether you’re planning a massive wedding with hundreds of guests, a small party with your closest friends, or a company-wide business conference, selecting the perfect location to fit all of your needs is going to be the key to being a successful host. 

While there are plenty of venues that are perfectly capable of serving both large and small events, you also want to make sure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck when selecting your event location. If the event is just a few guests, for example, you’re not going to need to rent out the entire grand ballroom of the Bellagio hotel. Once you know how small or large your event will be, you can start looking at appropriate spaces and locations.

What’s Your Event Type: Professional and Classy or New and Exciting?

Another element you’re going to need to consider is the kind of event that you’re trying to plan for. Is it supposed to be a large, fancy wedding, a professional sort of business get-together, or an exciting vacation party that needs all of the entertainment bells and whistles? Finding the ideal venue for your upcoming event is largely dependent on this, so it’s an essential factor that deserves a good deal of consideration.

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Budgeting Affordable Venue Rates

A nighttime view of Las Vegas’s Eiffel Tower and massive fountain show.

Once you know what kind of event you’re going to be planning for and how large it’s supposed to be, you can start to look for the best possible event venues by comparing costs and services to create an adequate event budget. This will largely depend on what your event will involve and whether those attending the event will be staying together at a single location. If they are, you’re going to need to consider room rates and other expenses unless you’ve already made it clear that the guests will be responsible for their own accommodations and meals. All of this should be figured out long before you make any bookings or put down any money on a location.

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Other Considerations

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Aside from size and your overall event budget, you’re going to want to consider several other factors when selecting your venue. While dozens of points could potentially be listed here, this article will focus on two of the most significant considerations you’re going to want to keep in mind as you advance; transportation and distance from the airport.

Easy Transportation

Are you planning on having all of your guests use public transport or get their own rental cars, or would you prefer your venue to provide the transport? Many event venues offer a selection of transportation services, though they will likely impact the overall cost you pay for the venue. Conduct research on the different locations you’re considering for your event and see what sort of transportation they can provide. Be sure to consider the number of people they can transport, where people can be transported to, and the overall transportation cost. For example, will the transport services be able to take people to and from The Strip if your event venue isn’t located directly on it? What about airport transportation? You should get clear answers to all of these questions before making your final choice of venue.

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Distance From the Airport

Another factor that is worth considering is the distance between your event venue and the airport. Flying– even short flights- can take a lot out of people, and many would prefer not to have to travel much further to reach their final destination after landing. You need to be sure to consider where your guests will be coming from and how long it will take them to get to Las Vegas. The longer the travel time in the air, the more beneficial it may be to select an event venue close to their airport. Your guests will be sure to appreciate not having to sit in a car for hours after flying just to reach your chosen venue.

Final Thoughts

Planning and hosting a fun and effective event in Las Vegas takes a lot of time and effort to arrange, especially if you and your guests don’t happen to live there. Be sure to keep in mind all of the above considerations so that you can be sure you’re selecting the most effective venue for whatever event your planning. Both you and your guests will be grateful for all of the hard work and dedication you put in ahead of time. And if you require some additional event planning assistance, consider reaching out to Current Event Rentals for help.

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