5 Best Glassware Rental Companies in Las Vegas, NV

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No party’s complete without the drinks! Be it something sweet or something savory, a nice, refreshing thing to drink can make your experience all that much better. The experience of having a drink, though, isn’t complete without having nice glassware that matches the vibe of whatever you’re consuming. That’s why in this article, we’re going to be counting down the five best glassware rental companies in all of Las Vegas so that way, for whatever party or event you’re having, you can make sure that you’re prepared to keep your guests covered!

1. Current Event Rentals

At the top of our list is Current Event Rentals. They’ve earned their spot, featuring some of the highest quality glassware available on the market. They feature everything from cocktail glasses to wine glasses to regular, everyday drinking glasses. You’ll find everything you need for your event to be handled in the highest quality.

They sport incredibly affordable prices, with their glassware guaranteed to give your party or event a professional, formal, and high-class aesthetic appeal. In addition, you won’t break the bank by renting their glassware and will find all of your needs met instantly.

Their customer service is also superb, and you’ll be served by plenty of friendly faces who will be proud to help you with all of your glassware needs. You’ve got nothing to wait for, so whatever glassware needs you have, go ahead and contact them for a consultation!

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2. Las Vegas Party Rentals

Are you throwing a party and need glassware? Well, you’re lucky because Las Vegas Party Rentals has you covered! With them, you’ll get some of the highest quality services Vegas has to offer, and you’ll indeed have made great memories with the glassware they supply!

They give out some of the most well-designed and stunning glassware you can find on the market, all for an incredibly low and affordable price! In addition, you’ll have a great time working with them, as they hold some immaculate customer service guaranteed to give you a great time!

In addition, their deliveries are speedy and on time, guaranteed to give you quality service at the drop of a dime! Finally, you’ll find their staff is friendly and eager to help you out, with a large variety of faces who are all happy to have you as their customer!

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3. RSVP Party Rentals

Number 3 on our list is RSVP Party Rentals! They’ve earned their spot on our list, as they’re one of the top companies for renting glassware in Las Vegas. It’s hard to find better service than by working with RSVP Party Rentals!

They’ve been around since the 1980s and cemented their spot as one of the premier party supply rental companies in all of Vegas. So whether you’re hosting a wedding or a family get-together, you’ll be able to rent out plenty of your glassware needs by working with them!

Their prices are beyond cheap, and they’ll surely give you quite the bargain for whatever your needs may be. In addition, you’ll be met with immaculate customer service by a family-owned business that cares about meeting your needs. By working with RSVP Party Rentals, you’ll be RSVPing your way into high-quality service.

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4. Rebel Party Rentals

Earning their spot at number 4 on our list, Rebel Party Rentals is an out and proud name in Vegas’s party rental industry. They’ve been around for over 30 years and have earned their place as one of the city’s best glassware supply rental companies! 

With Rebel Party Rentals, you’ll find a variety of beautiful and stunning glasses available to you right from the get-go, with a large selection to choose from – in the thousands – and with a smile all the while! Featuring on-time and speedy delivery, you’ll be comforted knowing that your needs will be met by the kind folk over at Rebel Party Rentals!

Their prices are extremely low and will give you more than a bargain for what you’re hoping to get. You’ll also be met with fantastic customer service that shows they care about giving you the highest quality offerings for whatever event you might be serving. So you’ve got nothing to wait for, don’t rebel – work with Rebel Party Rentals!

On the lookout for some high-quality, professional-looking glassware for your next event? Check out Current Event Rentals!

5. Twin Peaks Bartending

And finally, last but not least, we have Twin Peaks Bartending at the number 5 spot on our list! They’re a bit untraditional in terms of Vegas glassware rentals – rather than working with a party supplies and rental company, you’ll be working with a bartending service that supplies not just glassware but also specialty cocktails, portable bars, and coolers, all for an extremely low price!

The unique thing about this business is that half of all the proceeds go to Stand Up 2 Cancer, a charity focusing on combatting cancer. So by working with them, you’ll not only be getting fantastic deals, but you’ll also be helping to fight cancer!

They sport incredibly affordable prices for what they offer, a wide variety of supplies, and glassware readily available just for your event. You’ll also get one-of-a-kind cocktails supplied for your event so that you can give your event a unique touch! 

If you choose to work with Twin Peaks Bartending,  you’ll be presented with immaculate customer service. In addition, you’ll simply find yourself in for a wonderful time working with them!

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Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve covered the five best glassware rental companies in all of Las Vegas, you’ll be sure to have a great time working with one of these companies and selecting them to rent you some items! You’ll be guaranteed to get some stunning glassware for all of your drinking needs, no matter what may come up!

You’ll also save a good chunk of cash, as working with these companies will get you to an affordable set of glassware for whatever your needs may be! So you’ve got nothing to wait for – go out there and rent some glassware!

Are you looking to rent some supplies for your next party? Check out Current Event Rentals!

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