The 10 Best Wooden Cutting Boards to Give as Gifts

The 10 Best Wooden Cutting Boards to Give as Gifts

A kitchen knife is only as good as your cutting board. Whether it’s for chopping vegetables, prepping garnishes, or carving meats, there’s a perfect cutting board out there for it.

But, how do you pick the best cutting board? The most important thing to choose is the right cutting board material; from hardwood and softwood to plastic and rubber, here’s what you need to know about cutting board materials.

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Choosing the Best Cutting Board Material

The biggest difference in cutting boards is the material they’re made out of. Typically, cutting boards are made out of wood, bamboo, rubber, or plastic. Wooden cutting boards are the most expensive option but will not absorb liquid when oiled properly, and they are the easiest on your knife’s blade. Bamboo, rubber, and plastic cutting boards have their own advantages but are all tougher on your knife’s blade.

Let’s look at the best types of cutting board materials and their pros and cons:

Wooden Cutting Boards

Wood is the top material when it comes to choosing a cutting board; they are aesthetically pleasing, durable, and gentle on your knife’s blade. Typically made out of hardwood, these cutting boards are denser than others and will likely last for a long time. Wooden cutting boards do need more care than plastic and rubber ones; you have to hand wash them and sand out scratches that form over time. 

Hardwood vs. Bamboo Cutting Boards

Softer woods, like bamboo, are a popular choice for cutting boards. They aren’t as heavy and bulky as hardwood cutting boards, but they have a harder surface, which can wreak havoc on your knife’s blade.

Plastic Cutting Boards

Plastic cutting boards have three big advantages; they are inexpensive, thin, and light. This makes them easier to handle, store, and clean compared to wooden cutting boards. You don’t have to oil or sand them, and most plastic cutting boards can do right in your dishwasher. But, like bamboo, plastic cutting boards are hard on your knife. They can also develop grooves, stains, and scratches — they don’t last nearly as long as wooden ones.

Flexible Cutting Boards

Flexible rubber cutting boards are cheap and serve a practical purpose. They are compact, light, and take up very little storage room. Rubber cutting boards usually come in sets, so you can easily use different boards for different products (e.g., having a separate cutting board for produce and meats). The downside is they don’t last too long — you’ll probably replace these cutting boards each year.

The Best Wooden Cutting Boards

When it comes to giving a cutting board as a gift, wooden ones are usually the way to go. They are durable, work well for any purpose, and come in many aesthetically pleasing styles. Here are the top 10 best wooden cutting boards.

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Chop-N-Slice Maple Wood Reversible Cutting Board by John Boos

You can feel the weight in this cutting board by John Boos; it won’t slip and slide around on your countertop, but it doesn’t feel overly cumbersome or heavy. It’s durable enough to handle all of your cutting, slicing, and chopping needs but elegant enough to serve meats and cheese.

Large Reversible Maple Cutting Board from J.K. Adams

For someone who is constantly carving meats, you can’t go wrong with this cutting board from J.K. Adams. It has grooves on the surface, along with a slight slope, so that the meat’s juices flow into a large well on the cutting board’s side; this also makes scooping out the juices for a sauce or gravy easy.

Multipurpose Large Walnut Wood Cutting Board by Sonder Los Angeles

This cutting board by Sonder Los Angeles is stunning to look at; you might never want to store it in your cabinets. It’s perfect for displaying food or as an elegant counter piece. Lovers of cheese plates can’t go wrong with this cutting board — it’s one of the best for serving charcuteries and cheeses.

Acacia Wood Cutting Board by Thirteen Chefs Villa

For those without much counter or storage space, a smaller cutting board like this one from Thirteen Chefs Villa is the perfect gift. Lightweight and ideal for small tasks, this wooden cutting board serves its purpose exceptionally. It’s also reversible — one side has grooves for carving meat.

Bamboo Cutting Board 3-Piece Set by Totally Bamboo

These cutting boards from Totally Bamboo are eye-catching, and the set comes with three different sizes. Like most bamboo cutting boards, these ones are thin so that you can store them easily without taking up too much space. These are some of the best bamboo cutting boards with handles.

Teakhaus Carving Board With Hand Grip by Proteak Edge

This beautiful cutting board with hand grips is made out of teak (a softwood similar to bamboo). It’s easier to maintain than hardwood cutting boards and feels great to use. The teak wood isn’t as soft as bamboo, so it’s not quite as hard on your knife, and it does better at resisting moisture buildup.

Large Reversible Teak Wood Cutting Board

Crafted by The BoardSmith, this wooden cutting board is a piece of art. It’s thick, feels solid, and gets every little detail perfect. This cutting board is designed to last, even with heavy use. It comes in various sizes, has attached feet, and you can even customize your own cutting board!

Eco Home Wood cutting board

This cutting board from Brooklyn Butcher Blocks has a stunning finish and is exceptionally well-made. You can order custom sizes and add details like cutting board handles and juice grooves.

Reversible Maple Edge Grain Cutting by John Boos

Also from Brooklyn Butcher Blocks, the long-grain cutting board is more affordable, thinner, and lighter, but it is still solid and expertly crafted. This cutting board is more resistant to warping and splitting, so it’s less of a big deal if you don’t oil it regularly.

Acacia End-Grain Wooden Cutting Board by Ironwood Gourmet

This cutting board from Ironwood Gourmet is made out of acacia; it might dull your blade slightly quicker than other hardwoods, but not so much that it makes a large difference. It does its job perfectly and is made with a beautiful dark end-grain.

No matter which cutting board on this list you choose to give as a gift, your friends and family will open it with excitement. Do you want to make their gift even better? Check out Current Event Rentals special event services — the best party rentals in Las Vegas!

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