What You Need to Get a Las Vegas Marriage License

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Las Vegas is the perfect place for those looking to get away for a fun and romantic weekend marriage. Fabulous Las Vegas hosts over 300 weddings a day (with about 90% of those coming from out of state), so the city is no stranger to couples taking advantage of getting married with affordable and low-hassle weddings in one of the most exciting cities on Earth. Getting a marriage license for out of towners is a straightforward task as many have been through this before, and only takes around 10 to 15 minutes. This guide will make things easier by walking you through the forms you will need, where to get them, and how much everything should cost. 


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Things You Will Need to Get Married

With all the information on the internet, it can be easy to be overwhelmed by finding out precisely what you will need, but you can be pleased to know that everything you need to know is laid out in the step-by-step guide below to getting your marriage license.


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Who is Required to Apply for a Marriage License?

Nevada and Las Vegas laws concerning marriage are lenient and easy to abide by, but there are still some things most people will need. 

Everyone who is coming to Las Vegas to be married for an elopement or traditional wedding ceremony must have the proper paperwork, including a license to have the officially recognized by the government of Nevada and your home state. 

Only those who are having marriage vow renewals or commitment ceremonies will be exempt from having to obtain a license. Commitment ceremonies are not legally binding and not recognized by the government. 


Get a Head Start with an Online Marriage License Application

This is a handy and time-saving tool to ensure everything goes smoothly before you even get to Nevada! The Clark County clerk’s office website has an online application tool that you can use to fill out 60 days before you are in Las Vegas. Both you and your future spouse will need to fill out the application and complete fields like name, social security number, marriage and divorce history, and others. Make sure you fill this out beforehand, so they have your license ready to go when you arrive in Las Vegas!


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Pick Up You License


You must visit the Clark County Marriage License Bureau in person when you arrive to pick up your forms. The bureau is located at 201 E Clark Ave in Downtown Las Vegas. Both you and your fiancé will need to be present to sign your documents. 

If you didn’t fill out the online application, you can still fill out your forms in person at the Marriage Bureau, but the office strongly encourages couples to complete the online application. You do not need an appointment in order to pick up your forms and their hours are 8 AM until midnight seven days a week! The offices are located in the Regional Justice Center on the ground floor. 

Necessary Identification


You need to have a valid ID with you that can be one of the following:

  • Driver’s license (must be current and valid) 
  • Your US or foreign passport
  • A government-issued (US or foreign) ID card that shows birth date and photo
  • US Military ID
  • Resident Alien card

The name on your marriage license will need to be exactly as it is on the form of ID you use, so keep that in mind when filling out the online application. 


Other Requirements and Considerations


You will need also need to provide the following in order to obtain your marriage license: 

  • No blood test is required.
  • There is no waiting period in Nevada. 
  • Your social security number (they do not require your physical card be with you). 
  • A witness present for your ceremony (many services can provide them in Las Vegas). 
  • You must be 18 or older or obtain written permission from a parent if you are 16 or 17, but no younger
  • You must not have a living spouse.
  • You must not be too closely related. You may only marry second cousins or cousins-in-law.

How Much You Will Pay


The Marriage Bureau offices’ friendly staff will assist you in completing the marriage license application, and then you will have to pay a relatively affordable fee of $77. They will only accept cash or a major credit card as payment, so have this ready when you arrive.


Once You Have Your Marriage License 


You can use your marriage license within a year to be wed. Ensure you have your ID, license, and any other paperwork they give you at the Marriage Bureau with you when you go to have your wedding ceremony.

A certified officiant will need to file your paperwork with the clerk’s office once you have completed your ceremony. 

Getting Your Marriage Certificate


Of course, once your weekend of love and fun is over, you will want to receive a copy of your certified marriage certificate. You will do this by ordering the certificate ten business days after your ceremony. 

You can do this one of two ways: 

  • Go online to order a physical copy of your marriage certificate to be mailed to your address that has been signed and verified by your officiant. 
  • Visit in-person to pick up your certificate.


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You should now know everything about how to get started on your adventure of getting married in Las Vegas! Getting your marriage license should be a pain-free experience for you and your fiancé, but be sure to visit the Clark County website to make sure their guidelines haven’t changed. If you need additional services such as rentals for a wedding reception, be sure to check out the best professional services that will remove any stress from your special day!


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