Las Vegas Rental Tents


Current Event Rentals has a variety of tent options available to make your event comfortable while protecting your guests and event workers from the elements. It’s no secret that summers in Las Vegas can come with brutal hundred-degree weather. Tents are the solution to keep guests shaded and sheltered from the seasons to ensure the thing they won’t remember most about your event was how hot or cold they were! We have very large tent structures as well as small event tents perfect for vendors. Your guests will be happy you invested in keeping them sheltered from the sun or the rain; find the best option in our selection. 


40-foot Wide Tent Structure – This tent option offers a huge area for guests to congregate while keeping warm or cool. This structure is an excellent choice for festivals and large events with a great number of people. Offering ample space for activities like cooking, dining, dancing, and everything in between, this structure will deliver. 


20-foot Wide Tent Structure – A great option for slightly smaller events, the 20-foot structure will still provide space for many people to relax. Contact one of our staff for the best-recommended capacity. 


Peak Top Tents – These are the classic events and vendor tents that keep workers and event patrons cool and comfortable. These are great to keep drink stations cool and give shelter to those serving food and beverages. They are the low maintenance set up that can provide huge benefits of shade and protection from the elements.


Keep in mind that you can accessorize your tent with things like tent misting systems, which will be a massive hit with summertime guests. We offer water barrels that can anchor down your tent, fire extinguishers, and other safety equipment. Tents can also provide an ideal space for dance floors and many other entertainment options!

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Showing all 8 results