Las Vegas Rental Tables

Current Event Rentals has a superior selection of table types as well as everything you will need to furnish them with. Having adequate table space can make a big difference for your guests as no one likes a cramped seating arrangement. Our table selection has over 15 options to choose from that can serve any function. All needs like dining, cocktails, banquet spreads, meetings, and anything else can be served with our quality tables that are easy to transport and set up. A variety of beautifully set up tables can make your event truly shine, as your guests will find the comfort and quality of a well laid out event. Dining setups should allow plenty of space for guests to get in and out of their seating arrangements while being able to have spaces to mingle, such as cocktail tables where they can rest their drinks while in spirited conversation.

What Tables Should I Rent for My Event? 

With our variety of choices, it can be hard to pick a few tables for your event, but we are here to help! Events can significantly benefit by having a small variety of tables to support the layout.

  • Banquet Tables – Starting with dining tables, we have various lengths for rectangular banquet tables, from four feet to eight feet. Based on your number of guests, it is a great idea to have a few different dining tables sizing options, including our kids’ table! We have both aluminum and wood folding table sizes that can accommodate any seating arrangement that you have.
  • Serpentine Tables – Serpentine tables are perfect for both corporate and personal events such as wedding receptions. These tables can be used as a manned welcome kiosk for a mixer event, booths for corporate events, and buffet tables at weddings or other get-togethers. They provide a touch of elegance that will break up the normal square and rectangular tables and improve the flow of people.

Round Seating Tables – Are perfect for your guests to stand or sit while mingling. Our highboy and lowboy cocktail tables and round dining tables are a must-have for any event.

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Showing 1–12 of 16 results